news1The 3rd meeting on “Cloud Seeding, Challenges and Expectations” was held on 30 January 2019 at Water Research Institute (WRI) of Iran (Subsection of Ministry of Energy) in Tehran.

At the beginning of the meeting, an introduction was presented about the outcomes of the previous meeting. The meeting discussed the cloud seeding procedures and measures and collaboration of National Cloud Seeding Research Center (NCSRC) of Iran with other organizations with the following strategic alternatives:

  • Using the existing capacities and facilities of the country
  • Reinforcement of cooperation between NCSRC and other public and private organizations
  • Investing in development of space science to contribute to the improvement of water resources management

At the end of the meeting, the specialized panel discussed the effectiveness of cloud seeding methods to cope with drought phenomenon through a Q and A session. Based on the invitation made by the organizer of the event, Saman Ab Sarzamin Consulting Engineers (SAS) participated at this meeting.