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In the field of Agriculture, SAS provides its professional services in subsectors of agriculture including crops production, horticulture, forestry and rangeland, animal husbandry, fishery and aquaculture, and vegetation cover through carrying out feasibility studies, technical and economic analysis, preparing a development plan for improving irrigation and cultivation methods, promoting productivity of agricultural products, effective application of fertilizers and pesticides, modernization of farmlands, application of new technologies in all agricultural processes and protection and preservation of natural resources.

Details of services in the field of agriculture are listed below.

Agriculture and Horticulture

  • Feasibility study and technical-economic analysis
  • Master planning in the field of agronomy
  • Modernization and equipping of farmlands
  • Design and construction of greenhouse complex
  • Studying and planning of horticulture, forestry, and rangeland science
  • Conservation of soil and water
  • Development of Carbon sequestration plans
  • Application of effective irrigation systems
  • Provision of maintenance services
  • Plant Stewardship Program(PSP)
  • Site-Specific Crop Management (SSCM)
  • Remote Sensing Applications in agriculture including:
    • Crop system analysis
    • Crop condition assessment and crop forecasting
    • Crop yield modeling and estimation
    • Identification of pests and disease Irrigation monitoring and management
    • Soil, land cover, and land degradation mapping
    • Climate change monitoring

Animal Husbandry

  • Feed trials for testing the nutritious feeds and additions on animals performance
  • Feed evaluation and preservation
  • Study on the effects of the nutritious feeding animals on the environment
  • Design of animal husbandry complex

Vegetation Cover

  • Developing the lawn and herbs of farmlands
  • Preventing from plant diseases
  • Fertilization
  • Measuring vegetation cover
  • Providing land cover mapping services to reducing the vulnerability of farmlands
  • Regional studies for estimation of vegetation performance changes
  • Analysis of soil erosion by assessing changes in vegetation cover

Fishery & Aquaculture

  • Fish resources utilization and conservation of fish resources
  • Improvement of fishing methods and equipment
  • Setting the fishing timetable
  • Water quality control measures
  • Providing good aquaculture practices
  • Disease testing and fish disease control
  • Assistance in development of regional fisheries
  • Design and implementation of fishing farms in tourism development plans

Watershed Management

  • Feasibility study of watershed and natural resources management
  • Improvement in quality of natural resources
  • Developing watershed-based plans
  • Consultation on the rules and regulations relevant to watershed management projects
  • Renovation of farmlands
  • Vegetation swales
  • Watershed restoration