Saman Ab Sarzamin (SAS) Consulting and Contracting Engineers Company has succeeded to provide a wide range of engineering services through development of its capacities and hiring professional and high capacity human resources.

SAS is proud to provide its professional services in line with engineering ethics principles through finding out the most economic, beneficial and applicable solutions to meeting the needs of our clients in public and private sectors with high quality and in compliance with technical and scientific standards, being a reliable partner and responsible for on-time completion of the projects.

Water Resources Management, Irrigation and Drainage Networks is one of the main area of specialization of the company in both consulting and contracting sides. SAS is proud to have successfully carried out more than 100 projects in this field. SAS makes efforts to bring innovation to resolve the challenges to optimize water productivity and minimize wastewater problems. The company is capable to carry out all stages of a project from feasibility study, preparing development plan and design up to supervision on the implementation of the project and physical work as well as maintenance of the project.

The scope of engineering services in this field is described below:

Hydrology and hydrogeology

  • calibration and validation of models
  • measuring catchment’s run-off
  • accurate and reliable measuring of water level

Irrigation and drainage networks

  • Study, design and management of irrigation and drainage networks projects
  • Control, design, and supervision of pressurized irrigation systems
  • Operation and maintenance (O & M) of irrigation & drainage systems

Water and wastewater

  • Integrated water resource management (IWRM)
  • Analysis quality of wastewater
  • Design of biological, chemical and physical wastewater treatment plant
  • Water distribution (pumping stations design in phase I & II, water-loss management, Design of water transmission pipe-lines and canal design (phase I&II), rehabilitation of distribution systems)
  • Laboratory studies of water quality
  • superior supervision on execution of water projects


  • emergency management
  • data science & analytics
  • climate risk management
  • weather forecast


  • Soil, rock and slope investigation
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Soil geotechnical analysis
  • Ground geophysical surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying
  • Investigation erosion, petrology, units and types of geomorphology

Surface and groundwater resources

  • surveying of surface and ground water
  • drawing by using GIS &RS
  • studying and identification of Qanat
  • artificial recharging

River engineering

  • Protection and operation of rivers
  • Studies, designing and management of river engineering plans
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies of flood control plans
  • Study on stream flow by using GIS
  • Sediment control
  • Collecting watercourses systems
  • installation and commissioning the instruments of measuring discharge

Passive defense

  • Conducting conceptual and basic passive defense studies
  • Defense against threats
  • Facilitation of crisis management
  • Non-violent actions to reduce vulnerability of human resources
  • Studying the stability of hydraulic structures
  • Providing necessary instruction for crisis situations