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Besides providing consulting services, Saman Ab Sarzamin Consulting Engineers (SAS) is capable of providing its professional services for contracting services, operation and maintenance of structures and systems and river engineering. This part of the SAS potentialities, in parallel with its consulting capabilities, has brought a deep knowledge for the company through implementation of variety of projects, mostly related to dam’s operation and maintenance, irrigation systems and networks and water supply and drainage management with the highest standards and through application of new technologies and modern machinery and equipment.

Wide range of contracting services including but not limited to following are provided by the SAS.

Contracting Services

  • Construction of earth-dyke and embankment dam
  • Construction of concrete reservoir, sewage treatment plant, hydraulic and electric equipment, water and wastewater collection networks (pump stations, pressurized pumping stations, waste water pumping stations, storm water pumping station, treatment facilities)
  • Construction of surface and underground concrete channels, water reservoirs for irrigation of green spaces
  • Design, installation and commissioning of smart water and power meters
  • Execution of water transmission lines (intubation tubes, leak detection process, implementation of filtering method, etc.)
  • Design, construction and installation of intake’s gates and sedimentation basin of diversion dams
  • Replacing worn gates with new and equipped one
  • Repairing leaks restore structure’s stability of irrigation systems by slip lining and pipe lining
  • Line plugging services, implementation lining for concrete structures and utility line location
  • Design, construction and supervision of potable water distribution services
  • Design and construction of water transmission lines

Operation and maintenance of dams and networks


  • periodic inspections
  • Specialized inspections
  • emergency inspections
  • detailed inspections

Operation and maintenance, repairing and safety of dams

  • Measures of renovating and curing of facilities
  • Repairing and restoration of inspection’s equipment (hydro-mechanical equipment, electricity facilities, actions taken to reducing vulnerability in urgent situations)
  • Inspection of dam structure and its appurtenant facilities
  • Safety and stability control (Irrigation and drainage networks in downstream of dams, body of dam, water diversion facilities)
  • Dam and dike stability and failure evaluations
  • Reading and recording observed data (water level changes of dam’s lake, data of hydrometric stations in upstream and downstream of dam, recording the discharge of outlets of dam, control the leakage of galleries and drainage networks, recording considerable events such as flood or overflowing, piping, measuring quality of water lake)
  • Supporting and guarding of measurement instruments and appurtenant structures
  • Safety control of water installations and physical protection of dam’s structure including reservoir, body structure, shaft intake, hydro-mechanical and hydro-electrical facilities, floating pumps
  • Regular services of discharge measuring instrument (ultrasonic flow meter, electro-magnetic flow meter, Coriolis mass flow meter)
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of manholes and galleries of dam
  • Evacuation of screeners, sedimentation basins
  • Physical protection of appurtenant facilities
  • Extracting rule curve for operation of dam, ptimization of rule curves for each operation period (baseline and future intervals)

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

  • Flood control
  • Adjusting the rout of rivers
  • Providing emergency instructions
  • Collecting statistics, data and GIS data
  • Field visiting of site
  • Passive defense and critical management
  • Prevention of backflow