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In a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan, organized by the Ministry of Power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its central office on 3rd December 2019, private sector organizations were invited to present their knowledge and expertise in the implementation of the energy related projects in Tajikistan.

 The meeting was attended by Mr. Osman Osmanzadeh, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. Nezamoddin Zahedi, Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan in Iran, Mr. Farahnakian, Advisor on International Affairs to the Minister of Power of Iran and the representatives from private sector including Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate, Federation of Iranian Energy Export Industries, Water and Wastewater Companies Syndicate, Iran Water Industry Federation and Iran Water Foundation.

07F75EB3 1850 46BB B876 42271D8AA948 editedAt the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Osmanzadeh, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Tajikistan, briefly reported on the active participation of Iranian companies in the implementation of infrastructural projects in his country. Referring to the implementation of joint-venture projects in Tajikistan, he positively evaluated the technical and engineering services provided by Iranian companies in the execution of development projects in Tajikistan. He invited Iranian private companies to have active presence in the implementation of development projects in Tajikistan through participation in tenders. 

In the continuation of the meeting, representatives from private sector presented their potentialities and capabilities as well as their international experiences in the specialized fields in energy, water resources and wastewater treatment.

In the presentation of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, high capacity of technical and engineering services of private companies both in consulting and contacting works were highlighted and some information regarding ongoing projects in Tajikistan were provided.