Project sector: Tourism development

Project status: Completed

Project location: Poloor (Damavand Mountains, Tehran-Amol Road)

Project objective: Design of a new mountain tourist resort near Tehran Capital City

Project starting Date: November 2017

Project completion Date: September 2018

Project duration: One year



Poloor Camp, administered by Tehran Regional Water Supply Corporation, located in Damavand Mountain area with 70 km distance from Tehran, was simultaneously built during the construction of Lar Dam in 1975 as a camping site for the employees of the Dam. This Camp with total area of 30 hectares encompasses a collection of administrative and residential buildings which have been exhausted and destructed over more than four decades of operation.

Excellent geographic location in Damavand Mountain which is known as the roof of Iran, existence of rich natural resources and hot springs, having a number of historical monuments and places, access to the main connection road between Tehran and Caspian sea and proximity to the capital city of Tehran, have brought a unique location for this area as an ideal tourist destination with regard to its natural, sports and recreational tourism potentials.

Lar Dam 1 

Project outcome:

Based on the review and analysis of current situation of the site, design of Tourism Development Master Plan of the study area has been prepared with the following outlines:

  • Largest part of the site belongs to multi-level lodging with construction of one 5 star hotel, 120 villas, 10 guest houses and special area for camping and tents for tourists and climbers.
  • Sports facilities including sport hall for games, entertainments and activities in a snowy and icy environment, outdoor sport field for winter sports such as skating, figure skating, hockey, mushing, bobsledding, and a special place for balloon riding site.
  • Nature park complex with thematic ecotourism garden and parks.
  • Outdoor Museum of mythology which is the special designed garden with beautiful sculptures, inspired based on the historical characters of the Shahnameh.
  • Amphitheater and conference hall complex for cultural, artistic, athletic and social events with special focus on Damāvand’s history, culture, customs, rituals and mythological characters.
  • Food court, shopping center, travel and tour agency, general clinic, administrative building and public parking are other public and supportive facilities of the designed tourist camp.

Lar Dam 3

Lar Dam 2