Project sector: Wastewater treatment

Project status: Completed

Project location: Chehar-Mahal-Bakhtiari Province (southwest of Iran)

Project objective: Reusing of treated wastewater for agricultural usages on the basis of quantitative and qualitative analysis of treated waste water

Project starting Date: September 2009

Project completion Date: October 2014

Project duration: 5 years



The Cities of Chahar-Mahal-E-Bakhtiyari province is one of the first cities in Iran in the field of construction and operation of urban waste water treatment plants. When we started this project not only were there waste water treatment plants in the operation in 5 cities but also in other cities of Chahar-Mahal-Bakhtiyari treatment water planets were under the construction. When we visited the project’s location, we found that some of the local farmers were using from waste water effluent to irrigate their own lands.

The waste water treatment plants in these cities are out door and the method was chosen for treatment the waste water is Extended Aeration Activated Sludge (EAAS). The available facilities in these waste water treatment plants include: screening system, grit chamber, aeration tanks, sludge pumping station, Settling tanks and chlorination system. Environmental impacts of using treated waste water and return flow reuse had analyzed based on international standards and chemical analysis of them in comparison with allowed amount of existing contaminates in the wastewater (BOD, COD, TSS and PH).

Chahar Mahal 1

Treatment waste water plant in Shahr-Kord Province


Project Outcomes

According to chemical analysis of treated waste water’s ingredients, the amount of existing contaminates (BOD, COD, TSS, and PH) were less than allowed one. Results showed that by considering the local cultivation pattern, using from treated wastewater for irrigation of farm lands hadn’t prohibited.

Also our technical team had designed the waste water transmission canal for Borujen County’s waste water treatment plant, besides of estimating the cost of construction this canal. Moreover, wastewater transmission canal of Borujen City’s wastewater treatment plant was designed for transferring the treated sewage to the cultivated area. Also, total cost of construction of this wastewater transmission canal was estimated to determine the amount of investment of this project.

Chahar Mahal 2

The route of waste water transmission canal from Borujen waste water treatment plant

Chahar Mahal 3

Visiting the stilling basin of waste water treatment plants of Shahr-E-Kord city

Chahar Mahal 4

Investigation the water quality of irrigation canal grade 3